signed WOMAD program
Sunday 31st July
Green Room 17:30-18:30 (devotional Sufi music workshop)
BBC Radio 3 Village Stage 20:30-21:30
Open Air Stage All-Star Gala Finale 21:30-23:00

WOMADelaide 2003, Australia

Saturday 28th July
Village Stage 22:30-23:45
Sunday 29th July
Whirl-Y-Gig 19:30-20:15 with Temple of Sound

Womad 2K review

Saturday 22nd July
Siam Tent 13:00-14:00
" The first experience of the day is the one I've been waiting for - RIZWAN-MUAZZAM QAWWALI. What can I say? The predicted highlight of the weekend for me was certainly a sublime experience. The emotion and power of this young, barely twenty something group, have made a huge impact everytime I witness them. Qawaali is the devotional music of Sufis from India and Pakistan and its practitioners have one and only one object: to evoke the name of Alla in a quest for total transcendence. Sticking close to traditions born centuries ago and handed down from Mentor to disciple, they perform seated to get closer to God. Their pieces start slow and tentatively, build with chants and handclaps to soaring elevating crescendos.
I came out of the Siam tent in bliss. Walking round past the back I noticed some of them having a fag so I promptly thanked them for their music."

"The musical legacy of late qawwali singer Nusrat Ali Khan has been passed on to his teenage nephews, Muazzam and Rizwan Ali Khan. Performing as Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwli, the two brothers bring a fresh approach to the religious Sufi music of Pakistan. They use music as a vehicle to enlightenment or to achieve inner knowledge -- via rhythmic hand clapping, percussion, harmonium and a vast repertoire of sung poetry. The tone continues throughout a live performance with the solo and group vocals of their ensemble weaving through wheezy harmonium swirls and tabla percolations. Performing their first major concert at the WOMAD Festival, in Reading, England, in July 1998, Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali released their debut recording, Sacrifice to Love the following year."

"Passionate and inventive reinterpretations of classic qawwali devotional songs, from a fresh young ensemble led by the nephews of the late grate nusrat fateh ali khan present their stirring interpretation of Qawwali vocal music - devotional love songs based on Islamic and Sufi texts"

Friday 23rd July
Village 23:15-00:00
Saturday 24th July
Siam Tent 17:15-18:30 with Fun^Da^Mental

performing with Fun<Da>Mantal at Womad 1999